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  • Bull Rider (FUR FELT) $445.00$1,600.00

    This crease is growing in popularity every year. The crease is a rectangle indentation on the crown.  This hat is only made in fur qualities as we customize the bullrider shape to our customers desires.

    • Crown 4 ¾”
    • Standard brim width is 4″
  • Cattle Buyer (FUR FELT) $505.00$1,600.00

    Worn by Presidents, Oil Tycoons, Musicians and of course “Cattle Buyers”, this classic style looks great heading to the office, the ranch or out on the town.

    • Crown Height 4 1/4″
    • 3″ Brim
    • 3/8″ Band with matching Bound Edge
  • Cattleman (FUR FELT) $445.00$1,600.00

    This is easily our most popular style, worn by Horseman, Ranchers and Rodeo Cowboys alike. The cattleman will keep the sun off your ears, the rain off your neck and still look great when you get to town for that Soiree.

    • Crown 4 1/2″
    • Brim standard 4 1/4″ for 6X
    • Brim standard 4 1/2″  for 20X
      • Custom brim sizing available. Include requests in “Order Notes” at shipping stage of checkout.
  • Gus (FUR FELT) $445.00$1,600.00

    This style of crease was named after Robert Duvall’s character “Agustus McCrae” in the movie Lonesome Dove.

    • Crown 5 1/2″ at the back and slopes to 3 1/2″ in the front
    • Standard 4″ brim
  • Hunter $445.00$1,600.00

    A Classic Fedora “Raider” Crown with a 3″ Brim.

  • Jake (FUR FELT) $445.00$1,600.00

    This is an alternative style to some of today’s more traditional cowboy hats and has  a more vintage look.

    • Fedora creased crown that slopes slightly from back to front.
    • 3 1/2″ brim
  • Telescope (FUR FELT) $445.00$1,600.00

    The round crown has the appearance of a telescope and is an alternative to the traditional western shapes.

    • Crown 4 1/4″
    • Brim 2 1/2″ – 4″

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