The start of the nineteenth century heralded a new age for men’s  dress hats in the Western world, which reached its zenith at the turn of the twentieth century, when no gentleman would ever step out of his house without wearing a hat.

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  • Bowler $285.00$505.00

    Bowlers are hard, made of felt, and have very short brims. While considered a British icon, the bowler was also part of the urban culture of America in the 19th century.

  • Dressage $285.00$505.00

    This hat is worn by riders in the equestrian sport of dressage. It has a 4” crown with a 2 ¼ “ brim with bound edge and 1 ½” grosgrain hatband.


  • Prince Albert $285.00$505.00

    Made with Wool or Fur Felt this hat has a 6″ crown and standard brim of 2 ¼”.  The hatband is 1 ½” grosgrain with a bow and bound with a  matching edge.


  • Topper $285.00$505.00

    Made from either Wool or Rabbit Fur this hat has a 5″ crown with a standard brim of 2 ¼”. The hatband is 1 ½” grosgrain with a bow and the edge is bound with matching grosgrain.

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