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Smithbilt Hats is a 100-year-old brand that has managed not only to survive the ups and downs of economic fluctuations and fashion trends, but they have stayed relevant, remained true to their values and created a beloved symbol of the community they’re part of and their brand.

It’s not easy to stay in business for 100 years, particularly when the product you make have fallen out of fashion. Hear from Brian Hanson, Smithbilt Hats’ Master Hatter, how Smithbilt has found ways to diversify without sacrificing quality and while staying true to their values and heritage. They still make their hats the same way they did 100 years ago!

Who can benefit from listening in:

Smithbilt Hats is a very genuine brand, one that has stayed true to their roots and have managed to build a connection with their audience and the community they are in.

This is one of those very unique brands that have refused to sacrifice quality over growth, who sees their work as an artform and understand the importance of engaging the community.

For anyone who is in a high volatile industry, this is an interesting and inspiring brand story.

Key takeaways from this episode:

Choose carefully, as growth, sometimes can fundamentally change the DNA of an organization.
Symbols are important reminders of what we stand for and who we want to be.
Having a clear sense of purpose and identity is a requirement for success.
The goal should be about making a difference, not making a profit.
To succeed and to stay in business for a long period of time you need to matter to your audience. You need to mean more than the product you sell.
You must remain current and relevant while staying true to who you are. If your focus is to achieve the highest possible profitability you might end up short-sighted and miss the long-term gain of remaining meaningful.
Four simple rules for success:
Know who you are and what you stand for.
Work every day and in every way to remain true.
Amplify the best of you.
Always do the right thing for your people, your audience, your community and the environment.
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