My calm patience is running out and I feel myself very exhausted without something beautiful and aesthetically pleasing around me. For the last year or so I’m surrounded by shorts and flip-flops no matter where I look. And thats the sad reality that one has to accept when decided to live in a hot,  tropical climate. Please don’t get me wrong, we ARE here because of the weather, because we wanted to live in warm. What I didn’t expect is how ignorant people are about their look and visual self expression here. And today a fashion rebel inside of me couldn’t take it anymore. It decides that it’s time to destroy the burdens of 24/7 leggings and sneakers, oversized tees and sagging pants! Lets, at least for a day, feel ourselves better and prettier. By doing so, we will see how world around us is changing to a better too. To achieve this not an easy task, I’ve prepared several very special helpers. Each of them radiates happiness, upscale level of self expression and actually is a stand alone fashion icon by itself. Please welcome my contemporary variation of a noble and aristocratic look, featuring Smithbilt hats, Emilio Cavallini tights and a timeless Dior Lady Dior bag, in gorgeous pink color. Wearing my C/MEO coat as a dress, added more spring style feel to my look.

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