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Introducing the Catalina Collection – Created by HOLLY ALLEN™

2017 is a new year and Smithbilt would like to start it off by announcing the launch of our CATALINA COLLECTION. Inspired by Catalina Clark a beautiful lady that affected, inspired and positively impacted the lives of countless people.  All who knew Lena would describe her as an adventurous soul who was incredibly fun, exceptionally smart, fiercely loyal and always so full of love.  She was a wife, friend, aunt, daughter, sister and confidant who provided wisdom beyond her years.

Smithbilt has the talented HOLLY ALLEN ™ working with us to create a new chapter of hats and we invite you to follow along with us as we introduce these works of art.  Yes introduce, as all of these hats have carefully chosen names and will continue to be named as new creations are designed.

Smithbilt Siobahn Vintage Felt Hunt Shooting Hats Catalina Tweeds Womens Hats MillinerySmithbilt Lena Catalina Western Collection Cowboy Cowgirl Womens Hat MillinerySmithbilt Womens Hats Sloane Daytime Dress Catalina Polo Hats Millinery

Hats are fast becoming trendy again, whether for social outings like polo or horse racing, upscale social events and even for everyday wear, a variety of hat styles can be seen emerging back on the fashion scene.

We invite you to follow along us on our website, Facebook and Instagram as we launch our new designs and hats that are on trend for men and women in 2017.

Happy New Year!!

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