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Paige 1912 Hat line by Smithbilt at NFR 2016!

We are excited to announce the launching of the Paige 1912 hat line made by Smithbilt at NFR 2016!  Her creations are a unique combination of High Fashion meets Old West.paige1912-logoCreator Paige Callaway grew up outside Calgary, AB and spent much of her life on the back of a horse.  Through a variety of equine disciplines she experienced in her youth, she found the most happiness involved in the sport of rodeo.

The Paige 1912 Hats will be a unique line featuring quality craftsmanship and Canadian skilled artisans.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Las Vegas for NFR 2016, please go check out Paige 1912 at the Roper Cowboy Marketplace, Mandalay Bay, Booth 806.



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