Two Cowboys on a Journey: Smithbilt Hats, Calgary – Alberta

The White Hatters of Calgary

The company Smithbilt Hats Inc. has been crafting hats since 1919. After doing research on what type of business to open, a young entrepreneurial Morris Shumiatcher went to his local bank, and borrowed $300 to buy Calgary Hat Works, and Smithbilt Hats was born. This means the company is actually older than the ninety seven years it had its name.

In 1946 they’ve made the first white Cowboy Hat. The White Hat would become the internationally recognized symbol of the Calgary Stampede and the City of Calgary. In 1949, Mayor Don Mackay donned a White Smithbilt on a mission to promote Calgary, and began handing out the White Hat to visiting dignitaries. The City of Calgary continues this tradition today.
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