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Robb Grundy
Robb Grundy
Partner / President - Nonfiction Studios

Why a Smithbilt?

I wanted to have a custom built hat that represented me.
I wanted a hat that was of the finest quality that I could use day to day.
I wanted that same ranch hat to have the style and ability to be dressed up and taken out for a night on the town.
I wanted that one hat that when people saw it they said “Hey thats a great hat”!
I wanted a hat that had Alberta history and pride in its brand.
I wanted the best hat that my money could buy.

As Vice Chair for the Calgary Stampede Rodeo Committee it is important that we look professional and “Ride For The Brand” My custom made Smithbilt hat that Brian Hanson built for me is perfect in every way.

The service has been nothing short of remarkable. So much so, that while one hat would likely last me near a life time I have since bought 6 others. Brian and his team make each hat in the traditional way it was done 100 years ago.

Smithbilt is proud of that legacy.

I’m proud to support them.

Meagan Peters
Meagan Peters
2017 Stampede Queen

I love our new hats! They mean business! This hat will always remind me of when I wore it on stage at the grandstand when we spoke to the crowd for the opening ceremonies at the evening show at the Calgary Stampede. I especially love it for it's low profile, wide brim and wide ribbon to dress up the hat after our beloved crowns are passed on. Thank you so much, Brian, for keeping us looking sharp with a brand new style of hat!

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Kathy Gynane

We had an exceptional experience yesterday and please thank Brian again. He was, without a doubt, the reason we enjoyed it all so much. The purchase was for a "big" birthday coming up for my husband and this was something he always wanted to do and it was everything he hoped for and more. The jacket will be an extra surprise for him!

The personal service we got yesterday made for a special experience for us and walking out the door with such an incredibly crafted hat that fits Damien not only physically but his personality as well is something we will remember for a very long time. Thanks to all of you and please pass on my thanks to Brian in particular.


Kathy Gynane

Smithbilt Holly Allen
Dr. Diana Monea

A few years ago my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer; it was a terrible blow for her to lose her hair.
It is then that I entertained her and others, after shaving my head I realized that wearing amazing hats with no hair was fun, regal and royal!
You never have a bad hair day again!
Upon my friend’s passing she made me promise, that, every single day for the rest of my life I would wear a hat.
Thus began my affair with Holly Allen to find unique hats that memorialize an outfit!
Holly is the most amazing, creative, milliner I have ever seen,
Creating “show stoppers” of eclectic origin stored in the crevices of her brain!
Dr. Diana Monea


Cattle Buyer Smithbilt Charles Friley
Charles Friley wearing our “Cattle Buyer”

It is extremely easy to compliment the nicest guy in Calgary responsible for carrying on a tradition that was lost in time. The Hats are manufactured using equipment, methods and techniques from the era when Smithbilt formed. We should all feel an enormous sense of Pride that Calgary has someone with the passion and skill to create what is easily the best quality Hat manufactured in North America today.

Every Hat Brian Hanson makes is historically significant. Unlike the mass produced hats that I used to purchase when I lived in the States, Smithbilt Hats are handmade, custom fitted and of UNMATCHED QUALITY. You won't get a better Hat, Not in Canada and Not in the U.S.A. I own several and I am an extremely critical human.

A fascinating glimpse into our History as Albertans and Quality that has defended itself for a Century. Located in the historic district of Inglewood, we are all Fortunate to claim Smithbilt as one of the oldest and most treasured businesses in Calgary.

Congratulations Brian,
And Thank You...!!!

Charles "Dana" Friley